All vehicles parking on the property shall be registered with the management office. See vehicle information form. All vehicles shall have valid current registration.

No vehicles to be parked in the guest parking spaces overnight without the management office approval and approval tag displayed. Tags can be obtained from the management office with a refundable deposit of $35.00 upon the return of the tag. Tags will be issued for specific vehicles only.

All resident vehicles must display a parking permit to be hanging from the front mirror on the windshield. Permits can be obtained from the management office upon receipt of your vehicle information form.

No vehicle repairs of any kind to be performed on the property. No damaged or inoperable vehicles to be stored on the property. This is in violation of the property rules as well as the municipal codes of the City of Los Angeles, and will be subject to fines and tow-away.


All vehicles to be parked in assigned spaces only. Assigned spaces can be changed or removed by management and/or landlord at any time.

Initial permits will be given out free of charge. Any additional  misplaced, lost or damaged permits will be replaced at $35.00 per permit. 

 Any vehicle in violation of the rules above can be towed at the vehicle owner's expense.

Property management and landlord are not responsible for vehicle damages of any kind while parking on premises. Parking, if provided, is for convenience only and is not guaranteed by landlord or by management. 

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